Amalgamation: (Amalgamate) verb, combine or unite to form one organization or structure  — DERIVATIVES amalgamation noun.

What is Soul II Soul?

Well, we’re a sound system

An amalgamation of dance music

There’s three of us from the north side

And two from the east

And through our style people just came to recognise us as the ‘Funki Dreds’.

(Soul II Soul, ‘Jazzie’s Groove’)

This spoken-word piece charted as a single in the US in 1989 as London group Soul II Soul enjoyed trans-Atlantic success with its stylish mix of contemporary urban themes and classic dance rhythms.  While the group never regained the popularity afforded by their first album, the modestly but accurately entitled Club Classics, Vol. One, the impact of this initial disc was sufficient to re-shape urban music in Britain and influence the international dance music scene.


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