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Intermodulator: Invented compound word used to describe a guitar effects pedal.

I’m gonna push the button flick the switch today
Cause you got nothing I want
I got nothing to say
It’s been 16 days since I seen your ass
Heading to the city
You think you’re high class

A harmonic generator intermodulator

The Datsuns, ‘Harmonic Generator’

From the self-titled 2002 debut album The Datsuns, Harmonic Generator is a throwaway stomper distinguished by its pleasingly retro lightshow video and its chanting two-line chorus, reproduced above.¬† The latter is named after the ‘Prunes & Custard – Harmonic Generator Intermodulator’ guitar effects pedal¬†manufactured by Crowther Audio, and lends the song a certain air of authentic nonsensicality.