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Kismet: noun destiny; fate  — ORIGIN Arabic, ‘division, portion, lot’.

B.A.B.Y. I love to call you baby

When we’re in the spaceship

I know it must be kismet

(The Brunettes, ‘Brunettes Against Bubblegum Youth (B.A.B.Y.)’)

Sure, the best-known use of the word ‘kismet’ in a pop song is Blondie’s ‘(I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear‘ from their 1977 album Plastic Letters.  But when you’ve got a band like The Brunettes to highlight, why wouldn’t you?  This popular beat combo from New Zealand have been making dreamy, 60s-inflected tunes since 1998, and the video for ‘Brunettes Against Bubblegum Youth (B.A.B.Y.)’ shows off both their signature retro stylings and their command of a quality pop hook.  I’ve only seen them perform once, at the 2006 Big Day Out in Auckland, and while their set there was marred by sound problems, they still get my vote for the smartest pop act around.  This track is from their 2007 album Structure & Cosmetics, and according to Wikipedia it was used in the UK in a Channel 4 advert for the soap Hollyoaks.  (I’m not sure that’s a particularly cool-enhancing recommendation, but it is nice to see them get some recognition).