Satiateverb another term for SATE — DERIVATIVES satiation noun — ORIGIN Latin satiare, from satis ‘enough’.

Best of ! Most of !
Satiate the need
Slip them into different sleeves !
Buy both, and feel deceived.

(The Smiths, ‘Paint A Vulgar Picture’)

From the final Smiths studio album, 1987’s Strangeways, Here We Come, Paint A Vulgar Picture is a bitter assault on the fickle venality of the music industry, with Morrissey railing against the ‘sickening greed’ and ‘sycophantic slags’.  The album reached no.2 in the UK charts, but Paint A Vulgar Picture was not released as a single – Girlfriend In A Coma, I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish and Last Night I Dreamed That Somebody Loved Me being preferred.  Here’s a solo Morrissey performance of the track in question, recorded at a Swedish concert in 1997, ten years after Strangeways’ release.

[Lyric tip-off courtesy of Will]


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