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Rehabilitate: verb 1 restore to health or normal life by training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness. 2 restore the standing or reputation of. 3 restore to a former condition — ORIGIN Latin rehabilitare, from habilitare ‘make able’.

No sense thinking I could rehabilitate her
When she’s fine, fine, fine
She’s got so many ideas travelling around in her head
She doesn’t need nothing from mine

(The Bangles, ‘If She Knew What She Wants’)

Jules Shear‘s skilled song-writing is displayed to full effect in this 1986 single by The Bangles, from their second album, Different Light.  (Shear also wrote All Through The Night from Cyndi Lauper’s breakthrough album).  The Bangles often found it difficult to operate in a heavily male-dominated music industry, and tensions rose within the band as image-conscious media coverage focused on Susanna Hoffs’ good looks to the exclusion of the other talented performers in the band.

The video for If She Knew What She Wants was revised after the band apparently didn’t like the original one produced in England (well, according to the person who posted it on Youtube, anyway), presumably disliking the elaborate set design and the lack of emphasis on the band’s playing.  The revised, simpler version of the video that screened on American TV was directed by Susanna’s mother, Tamar Hoffs.  In it, the Bangles get more ‘band time’ with plenty of shots illustrating their playing ability, plus a few shots of snogging random boys thrown in for good measure: